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Want to meet other developers and see new technology in action in an informal fun setting? Then stop by a Coffee and Code! On selected days, I take my laptop and set up in a Toronto (or East of Toronto) coffee shop, then invite developers to stop by. If you've got an odd problem that you would love to show to someone, if you're curious what technical mentoring is like, or if you've got a great idea or cool app you want to show to others, this is the get-together for you. We can also talk about local user groups - whether you want to attend or speak, I know who you should talk to - and I can show you Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010, my favourite extensions for it, and demos from my talks on C++ (including the MFC Feature pack, C++0x, and more), Windows 7 (and the Windows API Code Pack), extending Visual Studio, and so much more. I keep my whole life on the laptop, so chances are whatever you want to ask me about I will have with me.

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Upcoming Dates, Times and Locations:

  • Thursday, Nov 18th 2010, noon - 5pm. Montreal - Starbucks 600 Avenue du President Kennedy.
  • Wednesday, Nov 24th 2010, 1 - 5pm. Mississauga - Starbucks Winston Churchill and Argentia.
  • Thursday, Dec 2nd 2010, noon - 5pm. Ottawa - Bridgehead 109 Bank Street.
I'm making a little sign with my coffee-cup-and-laptop image so you can spot me among all the other people who are busy on their laptops. Please come by and say hello, and show me what you're working on or ask me about technology you've been wondering about.

There's no need to register - just show up! Bring your laptop or your phone if you want to do a demo. Everything is very informal and one-to-one. Locations will vary and will be listed here.