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  Kate (blog)

If you want me to speak at your event, here is a list of my requirements:

  • Your event welcomes everyone, no matter where they come from, their social status, gender, orientation, beliefs, education and their mental or physical abilities. Your venue is accessible.
  • You have an enforced Code of Conduct (No? I can help you choose and adopt one. The Berlin Code of Conduct is a good one you can adopt as-is.)
  • If you record my talk, the video needs to be accessible for free to everyone and cannot be sold in any capacity.
  • You don't need my talk materials in advance (unless there are live translations). I will gladly give my slides and code examples for you to share after my talk.
  • I can present from my own laptop (HDMI most likely) using my own slide template – making my slides work with someone else’s template is a huge hassle.
  • You cover travel expenses and conference admission.

I will prioritize events that: 
  • record and publish the talk .
  • pay for business class travel arrangements or offer an honorarium.
  • make a real effort to promote diversity, such as offering reduced rate admissions and working with groups to raise funds for travel expenses of under-represented attendees.
  • are held in a place that is easy to get to from Toronto’s airport.
  • include community-focused content such as lightning talks, open sessions, and panel discussions with audience questions.
Keep in mind that...
  • I can give more than one talk if you want to maximize your budget.
  • I'll be more than happy to mentor other speakers.
  • My schedule starts to fill about 6 months in advance
My current interests are in these areas:
  • Code that is more readable and maintainable
  • Expressing intent clearly in C++
  • Inclusion and diversity in the C++ community
  • Effective use of Visual Studio

If there is a particular topic you would like me to speak on, do let me know

Talks I have given before that were recorded can be found at