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Every client's training needs are different. For some, it's enough to work with us for a while and watch how we tackle things. Others want book recommendations, and we're happy to provide suggestions for instructional or reference books. Still others prefer to be trained in a structured environment.

One of our founding partners, Kate Gregory, is an experienced trainer for several training organizations. She is the public face of the company and delivers standup training. Kate is highly regarded in the training community and speaks at conferences all over the world. She is also a founding member of the planning committee for CppCon, born as the largest C++ conference ever in 2014 with over 100 sessions, and continuing to grow every year. If you need a traditional instructor-led course, or an online training course, we can meet with you to discuss your needs and recommend the best approach. We can also arrange for short term one-on-one training and mentoring at your site.

We also develop course materials including slides, written materials, labs, quizzes, sample applications, and so on. We developed traditional standup courses for CDI and others (including Internet research, the CDI XML curriculum, Object Orientation, UML, and more), Digital Think's servlet, Corba, and C++ courses, which were delivered entirely online, and many others In 2009 Kate delivered Windows 7 development courses for Microsoft through the Metro program.

Since 2010 Kate has been delivering courses online for Pluralsight. Her courses have reached hundreds of thousands of students and she adds new courses regularly - primarily on C++ and Visual Studio.