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Classified ads at The Canoe Camper are free. To simplify the task of entering them, we ask that you use this form. Fill it out and click the Submit button at the bottom when everything is as you like it. If you want to submit multiple ads, just use the form again. The Reset button will clear away your old entries.

Insert your email address here for correspondence. Please note that your email address will not be included in your classified ad unless you include it yourself. We ask for it here so that we can contact you if we need to.

Select the section where your ad belongs:

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Please insert your ad here. Keep your ad under 50 words, and do not use all uppercase letters. No HTML, please. If you mention a URL or an email address we will make the link for you.
Remember to include contact information (phone or email or both.)  Remember, when your email address is on the site there is potential for email phishers, spams and scams so phone numbers might be a better choice.

Although we gather the ads with this automated form, they will not appear on the site at once. If you don't see your ad after a day or two, let us know.

If your ad doesn't appear several things may have happened.

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