Kate Gregory and Ade Miller

C++ AMP: Accelerated Massive Parallelism with Microsoft Visual C++

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Updated October 28th 2014.

Want the sample code? It is now available on Codeplex. There are also resources there including links to tutorials and recordings of sessions on C++ AMP.

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Need support? Have a problem?

  • O'Reilly maintains the Errata page and there is a mechanism there for reporting errors to us. We'd rather not check multiple places, so please use that page to tell us about something in the book that you think is wrong.
  • If you think there's a bug in the sample code, please use the CodePlex issue tracker to report it. (Check first that we haven't already fixed it.)
  • If you have a general question your best bets are a search on the team blog, asking on the MSDN forum, or asking on StackOverflow and tagging the question c++-amp.

This page, www.gregcons.com/cppamp, will be the landing page for the book for all time. You can bookmark or memorize it and be confident it will not move.

We wrote the book to be a great way to learn C++ AMP. While you're learning, make sure you also avail yourself of some of the other resources that are available:

Kate Gregory and Ade Miller