# Thursday, 28 September 2006

I saw this interesting graph over at Language Log:

It compares "empathizing quotient" with "systemizing quotient" -- the extent to which you connect to others' emotions and the extent to which you like to categorize things and people, and fit them into your system of understanding. (This is just for one sample of people and doesn't necessarily apply to the entire world.) You can score very high in both, or very low in both, but as this graph shows, women tend to have higher EQ and men tend to have higher SQ, though the difference between the groups is less than a typical difference between individuals. Engineers and scientists tend to have much higher SQ and also lower EQ. The green symbols on this graph are results from people with Aspergers, or people diagnosed as High Functioning Autistic. Their SQ varies but their EQ is very low. You can take the test yourself if you like. I was surprised by questions like "When I read something, I always notice whether it is grammatically correct" -- that is 100% true of me but I thought it was my little quirk, not something that would appear on a test for personality traits. Then there was "Whenever I run out of something at home, I always add it to a shopping list." Who doesn't?

My results are perfectly ordinary for someone with a PhD in engineering, I think: EQ 36, SQ 77. That puts me about where the S is in the "extreme S" label. Interesting.


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Tuesday, 03 November 2009 11:00:43 (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00)
Hello Kate.

Looking through Google using the terms 'asperger "remote work"', I have come across your blog. I think you might like the idea of something I am putting together called Clique Space, and wondered if maybe you'd like to perhaps have a better look.

In short, a Clique Space cam be seen as an "Identity Layer" through which users will be able to connect assorted (hopefully any) devices they possess so they can record and control the activity of each device according to any organisation a user may choose to represent themselves as being affiliated with.

I'm implementing this in Java, but I really hope that doesn't frighten you; I know Java better than C++ or .Net.

Check out the supplied home page, or my blog owenpaulthomas.blogspot.com, and get back to me if you reckon you might be able to help me in any of the ways I outline on my home page.
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