# Thursday, January 31, 2008

The keynotes for SD West have been announced. Can you guess which title got the biggest reaction from me?

  • Agility at Scale: Applying Agile Software Development Techniques on Real-World Projects
  • Beautiful Code
  • Is Agile Really Working for You?
  • Object-Oriented Programming and Generic Programming and What Else?
  • Parallel or Perish!! - Are you Ready?

The abstract for the last one starts, "A software revolution is underway, triggered by the shift to multi-core hardware architectures. " It sure is!



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Wednesday, February 27, 2008 12:34:23 PM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00)
Unbelievably, I googlesearched for swearyword cartoons, and found your site totally by random.

I've used it here:

How's you? I understand you're seeing Clare and Paul soon..

Friday, April 18, 2008 3:14:53 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
Hi Kate,
How can i contact to you directly(Email)?
Thanks in advanced.
Tuesday, April 22, 2008 3:56:01 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
Hi Kate
I want to learn Visual C++.Net in advanced(Specially MFC/Win32 and ATL). But i can not found the best reference books about these concepts(like amazon or others).
Would you mind advise me to introduce related books and resources for learn these topics in advanced?
Your operation is highly appreciated.
Monday, May 19, 2008 10:28:41 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
Hi, Kate

I like to read all of the articles around here

I seriously would like to ask you for a favor, could you attack me more and more ? Please.... The more the better I believe, please Kate please

on board please

Terry Izzi
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