# Wednesday, August 03, 2011
Here's an article in a pretty mainstream publication - the Economist - that explains why concurrency matters. I used to say "the future is concurrent" but that was then; this is now and it's the present that's concurrent. As the article says,

What was once an obscure academic problem—finding ways to make it easy to write software that can take full advantage of the power of parallel processing—is rapidly becoming a problem for the whole industry. Unless it is solved, notes David Smith of Gartner, a market-research firm, there will be a growing divide between computers’ theoretical and actual performance.

I'll have some more concurrency material over the next little while in this space. Things continue to change pretty rapidly. If you haven't been thinking about concurrency, now's a pretty good time to start.


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011 2:29:42 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
The best concurrency find I've made in the last year (and I can't believe it took this long) is the system.collections.concurrent namespace (especially ConcurrentDictionary). It's a massive improvement over having to remember to lock every access to a connection in multiple threads, and best of all you can modify the collection in one thread while iterating it on another (yes, behaviour can be strange, but at least it's not an automatic exception). Add this to running code with the task parallel library and you've got some pretty awesome ways to parallelize your .net code without a lot of extra headaches.
Chris Bardon
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