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We welcome submssions for all our sections, whether it's a one-paragraph note telling us about a web site to add to our list of links or a canoe association, a short review of a book, video, or canoe route, or an essay or article about a particular technique or equipment choice. If you have a spectacular or beautiful photo that's relevant to canoe camping, we'll find a place for it (in consultation with you) if you send it to us.

At the moment we cannot pay our writers, though for all but the shortest contributions we can offer you a page on this site and a link to it from the About Our Authors page. If you are new to writing, then getting some practise, some editing, and a chance to see your work in "print" may be motivation enough. If you want to hold out for money, we do plan to pay writers once advertising revenues can cover expenses. Working for free now doesn't mean you won't be able to take paid work from us later.

Here's what to do. If it's a paragraph or two, just email it to us ( will do) with the information we've suggested on the page that brought you here. If it's something longer, send us a proposal first. We may have some suggestions for you that will make it better before you start. If you are planning to do something amazingly great and would like to document it for us, get in touch before you go so we can discuss the kind of documentation we would like and how we can help you. If you don't have email (perhaps a friend printed you this page?) or you can't attach files, our contact page (make sure your friend prints that one too) has all the mailing details. If you send diskettes, we can read both Mac and PC diskettes - please write the file names and your name on the label. Include some way for us to contact you.

All text should be plain ASCII. If you know how to mark it up with HTML, go ahead, but we might redo your formatting for a consistent look to the site. (We don't use frames, for example, and we use <EM> not <I>, that sort of thing.) If HTML is gobbledygook to you, don't worry, we'll take care of it. Don't send Word or WordPerfect documents unless you have no other choice; it just adds another conversion step for us. Pictures should be JPEGs if they started out as photographs, or GIFs if they started as a sketch or computer graphic. Interlace your GIFs please. If you have a great picture and no way to scan it, call some copy shops in your neighbourhood, or places that develop film, and ask what they charge to scan a photo. Around here it ranges from $3 to $10 per shot.

We are very sensitive to copyright issues. Do NOT send us pictures scanned in from magazines, articles typed in from other sources, or anything else that you didn't create yourself. If you have something created by another person for your newsletter or magazine or whatever that you are now willing to give to us, thankyou very much. Please tell us who created it (and that you've asked them about this and they've agreed, or that the original written contract gave you the right to give it to us) and when it appeared in print before. We'll include contact information about both your publication and the author.

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