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The Canoe Camper is a project of Gregory Consulting, and we are Kate Gregory, Brian Gregory, and our support staff. We will be happy to answer any of your questions. We welcome suggestions, are grateful to those who point out errors, would be very happy to help you place an ad, and are always looking for information and articles of interest to our readers. If something you've read elsewhere on this site makes you want to reach us, great! Here's how to do it:

Email: will reach the right one of us. Your answer will probably come from or and you can use those addresses to continue a conversation with either of us.

Phone: Between 9am and 5pm Eastern, Monday to Friday, please. Our toll-free line is 1 800 665 6733.

Fax: Our fax number is (705) 750 1178.

Regular Mail: You must mention Gregory Consulting on the front of the envelope: the Post Office doesn't know where The Canoe Camper is yet. Send diskettes, photographs, and other material to:

Gregory Consulting
RR #2 Pontypool
Ontario, Canada
L0A 1K0

Couriers: They know how to find Gregory Consulting too, and FedEx and Purolator are here almost every day. Just use the regular mail address above. If you're nervous, put our phone number on the shipping label so the driver can call for directions.

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