Deet / Bullfrog Sunscreen Warnings!

by Bill Logan

 Read your "Canoeing with kids" FAQs and couple things came to mind that I thought I should mention -- as a warning to other mothers -- -- As in "Beware" -- 

(1) Deet! You mention 30% -- that's OK -- but as you know, the higher percent deet used the better you are able to enjoy your campsite with less aggravation. I personally use 100% deet. (but I'm an over-the-hill senior).  However, high concentrations of deet can be dangerous if applied to a very young child (one to three). I have read, and am also aware of an instance, that it can cause severe allergic reaction, which way out in the boonies can be extremely dangerous. So -- the point I'm making, is to do not use a high percentage on very small kids. To be safe -- Just what percent would be acceptable should be discussed with the parents family physician prior to their trip.

(2) BullFrog Sunscreen -- Almost exactly the same as above. Possibly other brands as well. I know of two cases where they put it on small kids -- with drastic results. The last one just happened about three weeks ago here in Florida. (I'm very familiar with it -- having e-mailed the mother before -- and after the incident) The mother did not know any better and put it (BullFrog) on her two year old daughter. Her allergic reaction was so severe that the child went into shock. The two mothers were canoe camping on the Suwannee River -- fortunately -- they frantically dialed 911 and reached an operator after more than a dozen tries. They had to send EMS people out to meet them at a specific location where they could get close enough by car -- the child was in shock by the time the EMS people reached them. The good news is -- they were able to stabilize the child and after some medication she came out of it OK. Thank goodness the mother's cell phone was able to get out. I personally have been to that exact location several times (a campsite) -- and again just this last week) and my cell phone would not reach anybody. My point here is -- Had she not been able to get out, the child just might have died. So -- Strong Sunscreen is also a no-no on extremely young kids.  Thought you might want to get this warning out to as many mothers as possible -- perhaps it might eliminate some serious medical problems in the backwoods.  They say "forewarned is forearmed". When you find some free time, you might find it interesting to peruse my website.

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