David Dement

I am a 34 year old police officer in North East Arkansas. I share my love for the outdoors with my wife and two sons. We spend as much time as possible canoeing, hiking, camping, and caving. We are active members in the Five Rivers Adventure Club, a group we helped start. I am Co-founder of the Ozark Cave Preservation Society, a group organized to educate the public about the fragile Eco-system of our caves. The Ozark mountains have always held a special place in my heart and their beauty is enough to make anyone want to write. From the deep valleys to the cool clear streams and towering bluffs, the Ozarks are clearly a wonder to behold.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy my story and it is an honor to have them placed in the ranks with your other writers. River Reverence is my first story to be published in any way. I hope I have been able to put in words, the true feelings expressed in the story. Any correspondence can be sent to me at dement@bscn.com. My home page will be following soon.
    Keep Paddling.
    David Dement

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