Grape Jam Cobbler

Art Denney

As most good recipes, this one started as a mistake! I was going to make blueberry cobbler on a trip to the Okefenokee Swamp. I left the blueberries at home, and had to "make do"

1 jar grape jam
1 box cake mix
1 lb butter
1/2 cup water

Put the water and grape jam in the bottom of a dutch oven. Put the cake mix over the jam water mixture. Cut the butter into pad and lace on top of the cake mix. Put the lid on the oven; 15 coals on the top of the oven and 10 coals under the oven. This should be ready in about 30 minutes. If you can smell it before the 30 minutes are up, then check it. It is ready to eat after the cake mix turns light brown.

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