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Jack Wright is a Charter Member (1967) and current Historian, of the large Tennessee Valley Canoe Club, of Chattanooga, TN.  He still paddles his favorite, the Hiwassee River today, and writes a history column for the club newsletter.

He is a retired professional safety engineer (CSP), and was Corporate Safety Manager of McKee Foods Corp, makers of Little Debbie cakes and pies, for 22 years.   He had his own safety management consulting practice for several years before fully retiring in 1996.

With his teenage son in Boy Scouting, he's been active in the local BSA council for several years.  He originated a Council Whitewater Committee, which provided 2 trailers, 12 WW outfitted ABS canoes, and proper WW safety training annually for adult leaders, before they can use the equipment.  Hundreds of new boys have been introduced to canoeing in this program over the past several years.  In 1999, he was awarded the BSA's Silver Beaver Award for establishing that most popular program in his local council.

He re-canvassed and restored his uncle Bill Workman's 1956 Old Town Guide canoe, in the late 70's.  He learned flatwater canoeing in this craft in the late 50's, on Ocoee Lake (near the '96 Olympics site) and it is his proudest possession today.   His uncle's own 1930 epic canoe story was published, with pictures, in the Oct/Nov 99 issue (#101) of "Wooden Canoe", the Journal of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association  www.wcha.org



What can you do with “One stroke of the paddle" ?

 "Through one Field only we went to the boat, and then left all time, all science, all history behind us, and entered Nature with one stroke of the paddle." – Thoreau.

 From the cover of the River Activities Schedule, TVCC, 1971. 

This might help explain how sometimes people get so deeply emotional, just about paddling a canoe.  It’s still true today, and probably always will be, to people who are deeply aware of history and Nature.  Jack Wright, 2000.

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