The Magic Bag: A Campfire Dessert


This recipe is great for kids (and grown up kids too!), and is called 'The Magic Bag'.

biscuit dough or Bisquick mix

Ahead of time at home, mix cinnamon and sugar in a big zip lock bag (the ratio is up to you, but fix it as if you were making cinnamon toast topping). You'll also need a tube of refrigerated biscuit dough (the precut kind you buy at the grocery...usually 5 to 10 per tube) OR you can make your own biscuit dough at the campsite with a premix like Bisquick, if cooler space is at a premium. You'll also need some butter.

After the campfire has some nice coals, find a stick that is fairly sturdy (a little stronger than you would use for roasting marshmellows), then each person takes a biscuit slice and rolls it between their hands until it is 6 to 8 inches long and about 1/2 inch thick (a biscuit snake!). Spiral the 'snake' around the upper part of your stick (no overlapping!), and toast it over the coals until it is brown and cooked. Then rub your 'snake' in butter, coating the entire surface on all sides. While still on the stick, dip the 'snake' in the Magic Bag (cinammon/sugar mix). Wrap your hand around the top of the bag grasping the stick, and shake until the entire 'snake' is coated! Remove the stick, eat and enjoy! You can reseal the Magic Bag for repeat use another day (becareful not to let kids poke a hole in the bag while shaking with the stick inside). It's my FAVORITE CAMPFIRE DESSERT!

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