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This page features news and information of interest to canoe trippers. Generally speaking the articles are located on other sites. If you know of an article elsewhere that is topical and might interest people who travel and camp by canoe, please let us know. is a family owned and run business that is dedicated to those who love the outdoors. A few years back the Grimnes family decided to combine their outdoor and computer experience and they built a business called HikingAndCampingStuff. They are avid hikers and campers who offer hiking and camping items for sale on the internet.  They truly enjoy working on this endeavor everyday (hmmm, sounds like another website I know!).  Check out

Big Sioux River Recreational Corridor Council

We are a non-profit organization that is working to improve the accessibility of the BSR. One of the things that we have accomplished is the publication of a canoe trail map from Sioux Falls to Oak Ridge (South of Newton Hills).

We have also published a web site detailing access sites in this area. It can be found at The web site has an area for events, so please take a look at that. We have an annual canoe outing in September near Akron, Iowa that you might want to check out. Also, the Council has regular meetings, agendas with meeting times and locations that can be found here, too. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Linda Schlotfeldt

The Wilderness Canoe Symposium

Hi folks, The Wilderness Canoe Symposium was February 2-4, 2001 in Toronto.  This year's theme - The Old Labrador Peninsular was supported by a great line-up of speakers.  The presentations included a number of speakers from Labrador, tales of canoeing and wilderness experiences, historical and topographical perspectives, preservation concerns and other topics.  The aim of this annual mid-winter get-together in Toronto was to share an appreciation of our wilderness heritage in the fullest sense possible.  This takes the form of some eighteen presentations from individuals who reflect a broad mosaic of experiences, understanding and knowledge about the north and the out-of doors.

The event began Friday evening, February 2, with three speakers, preceded and followed by time to socialize.  Saturday was an all-day showing of 15 presentations, with breaks for refreshments, lunch and supper.  The event was not intended as a moneymaking venture.  The registration fee will cover space and visual rentals for both days, organizing costs, printings, mailings, telephone, travel funds for speakers, etc.   The registration fee also includes a reception on Friday and two coffee breaks on Saturday.  The auditorium seats 806 and admission will be reserved seating.
Hope to see you there. 
Cheers, Alan Law

The Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough has been open for two years

The Canadian Canoe Museum has its own web site.  July 1st, 2001 is the 4th anniversary of the museum. If you ever find yourself near Peterborough, Ontario (about 2 hours northeast of Toronto) you have to come and see the exhibits.

Canoeing Quest across Canada

In the summer of 1998, Frank Wolf and Ben O'Hara attempted a 9,300-kilometre canoe adventure, planning to be the first canoeists to cross Canada "backwards" in a single season. (Frank had done it in a single season from Atlantic to Pacific in 1995.) Their plan was to highlight issues affecting the boreal forest for The Royal Canadian Geographical Society. You can read all about their journey on the RCGS site at We only wish it had lasted longer.

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