Black Canyon, below Hoover Dam - Colorado River

This involves 2 nights of camping. I like to paddle upstream from Willow Beach to a campsite at White Rock Canyon. Believe it or not, you can paddle up the Colorado against the 6000-20000 cfs current if you do it before 10 AM when the current is low. It is almost 9 miles from Willow Beach to the campsite, but if you get on the water before 6 AM, you can get to White Rock Canyon before the flow from Hoover Dam goes up. You can not paddle upstream against the maximum flow.

Camp at Willow Beach, and the next day you can paddle 8 miles up to Hoover Dam, starting before 6 AM. You can go downstream at any time, but in the springtime, the afternoon upstream winds are so strong that they can be a problem. There are a lot of hot springs on that stretch or river, including at the campsite. The scenery is outstanding, but there are few places where you can land in case of problems. The river is mostly closed in by canyon walls. A sea coast like that would be called "iron bound." You will probably see big horn sheep along the river.

Spend a second night at White Rock Canyon and paddle back to Willow Beach any time the next day. You can also do the same trip starting at Hoover Dam, but you must be shuttled to the put in by a commercial outfitter.

Willow Beach, AZ is 10 miles off of Rt 93, about 12 miles south of Hoover Dam, and 52 miles north of Kingman, AZ.

Here is a link to an outfitter who can arrange access to the put in.

Black Canyon Willow Beach River Adventures offer float trips on the Colorado River and boat rentals

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