Topock Gorge - Colorado River

Topock Gorge is south of I-40, on the CA/AZ border.

The put in is at Park Moabi, CA, a few miles west of the I-40 bridge across the Colorado River. Camping is available there, and Jerkwater canoe outfitters are at the same site.

The route goes south on the Colorado River to Lake Havasu. The water is either slow flowing or lake. The take out is either at Castle Rock (not easy to find from either the water or land) or for a 2 day trip, London Bridge at Lake Havasu City. The scenery is great! The biggest negative is the heat and motor boats in the summer. Do it at Christmas!

The day trip is 16 miles, with no portages except to the parking lot at Castle Rock. The shuttle is a bear, but Jerkwater will shuttle you at a reasonable cost. The trip to Lake Havasu City is 2 days, totaling 23 miles, with about 17 miles the first day and 6 miles the second.

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