Trevor Walker

Trevor Walker writes stories which deal mainly with fishing and often encompasses other passions like canoeing, camping and family. Every month he tries to turn out stories regarding these subjects.

Trevor’s outdoor experiences began at the tender age of five, when a neighbor brought home a large, freshly caught, Georgian Bay salmon. After seeing this giant fish Trevor turned out to be the one who was hooked. 

His real paddling experiences didn’t start until he was in his early teens. That was when his two older brothers took him on his first trip into the relative wilds of Algonquin Park, Ontario. Now, a quarter century later, he’s still paddling any water that he can get his canoe into and fishing the waters of southern Ontario every chance he gets. 

Being a father of three has taught him a great deal, but mostly it has taught him to appreciate, and remember, that reverence and awe that he sees in his children’s faces as they, too, are introduced to mother nature. 

Writing has always been a passion for Trevor, and so, writing about nature was a natural progression. It gives him great pleasure to present these stories of his life. His hope is that you are inspired, even a little, by them, and possibly even able to relate to them in some way. Who knows, perhaps Trevor will cross paths with you one day, and you will, unknowingly, become a part of one of his stories.

Trevor’s words to other enthusiasts – “keep your paddle in the water and your eyes on the skies, my friends”. 

The Canoe Camper is pleased to feature these stories by Trevor Walker:

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