# Monday, June 06, 2005

Here's the link to the ebay auction featuring over 20 Tech Ed speakers, almost all RDs. It ends June 16th. Get your hour of consulting time and help the tsunami victims at the same time. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, wander back in time through this blog to January: we did an auction then and raised $10,000 for immediate relief. This time it's about recovery and our help is still sorely needed.

Whose time might you get?

  • Don Box (USA) Microsoft, Inc.
  • Jesper Johansson (USA) Microsoct, Inc.
  • Richard Campbell (Canada) Campbell and Associates.
  • Scott Hanselman (USA) Corillian, Inc.
  • Kimberly Tripp (USA) SQLSkills.com
  • Michele Leroux Bustamante (USA/Canada) iDesign, LLC
  • Kate Gregory (Canada) Gregory Consulting
  • Juval Lowy (USA) iDesign, LLC
  • Stephen Forte (USA) Corzen, Inc
  • Clemens Vasters (Germany) Newtelligence AG
  • Andrew Brust (USA) Citigate-Hudson, Inc.
  • Carl Franklin (USA) Franklins.net
  • Ingo Rammer (Austria) Thinktecture
  • Christian Weyer (Germany) Thinktecture
  • Joel Semeniuk (Canada) Imaginets
  • Rockford Lhotka (USA) Magenic Technologies
  • Patrick Hynds (USA) Critical Sites
  • Tim Landgrave (USA) Crowe, Inc.
  • Tim Huckaby (USA) Interknowlogy, Inc.
  • Jackie Goldstein (Israel) Renaissance
  • John Goodyear (USA) Aspsoft
  • Richard Hundhausen (USA) Accentient, Inc
  • Paul Sheriff (USA) PDSA, Inc

Not a dud in the bunch! Please help if you can by bidding right away: the more bids are in the system the higher the minimum bid.


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