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Visual C++ is hiring a development manager. They have some reasonably high expectations on experience, proven track records, and so on. If you think you want the job by all means check it out. If you don`t think you want the job, but just want to keep on making C++ code and know there will be a product and a team there for you, read this quote from the job description (bolding by me):

The top 1,500 ISVs generate over 80% of worldwide software revenues. In addition to driving the global Windows ecosystem, these companies are directly responsible for $5B-$7B of yearly Microsoft revenue. Central to the success of these customers, as well as Microsoft's own internal development, is Visual C++. Given the strategic importance of the ISV segment, the Visual C++ team is on a mission to revolutionize our toolset in providing a much more productive and successful native developer experience.
We are looking for a strong Visual C++ Development Manager to drive adoption and satisfaction among professional C++ developers. We are in the starting phase of a major reinvigoration of the experience for C++ and native development targeting very large and complex development projects. The added demands of security and the advent of many-core processing create significant challenges and opportunities to create market leading technologies and tools.
The Visual C++ team is working hand in hand with the Windows division on enhancing the appeal of Vista and Windows 7 for ISV developers and with the CLR team to create a technology stack that allows layering of services to provide a seamless spectrum from native code over type safety and garbage collection to the full .Net stack.

The Visual C++ DM position features leadership opportunities across multiple areas, including Technology and Architecture Leadership and Execution, Team Building and People Leadership.
You will lead a world class C++ compiler team and C++ IDE team embarking on a virtually top to bottom re-architecture of the tools stack. In addition, you will lead a libraries team that is re-inventing the MFC and client libraries for the next decade together with the Windows WEX and Developer Division UIFX teams. You will grow a strong cross-PU architect team and a development organization.
The Visual C++ DM plays an important role in cross-team relationships (Windows, CLR, UIFX, Office, SQL) and cross-company relationships (Intel, AMD, C++ standards work).

Wow! Looks like we`re all in for a great ride. If you really know your stuff, go help. If you just like to use it, hang on!


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