# Wednesday, June 09, 2004

On Tuesday, June 15th, Scott Bellware will be at the East of Toronto user group (meeting on the Durham Collage / UOIT campus at Simcoe and Conlin.) Scott will talk about Unit Testing and he's bringing his own prizes:

Unit testing is one of the few reliable ways to repeatably validate the quality of your code. Without unit testing, code is more brittle, less changeable, and simply fraught with higher defect rates. All of these issues lead directly to software project failure rates. Unit testing helps to bring a measure of cost-effectiveness to software development and enables developers to fearlessly incorporate new features and refinements into their products. Testing leads to better design, higher quality, and to the Holy Grail of software development - reuse. In this session, Scott Bellware will demonstrate test-first coding techniques, and unit testing tools for .NET.

Two licenses of HarnessIt, Unit Binary's unit testing tool will be given away.

On Thursday,  June 17th, Jason Beres will be at the Toronto user group (meeting in Mississauga at the Microsoft offices). Jason will talk about Windows-app-style functionality in a web app, and he's not coming empty handed either:

This discussion focuses on meeting today's IT challenges, using thin client or browser based delivery to maximize ROI while still delivering the rich client features users expect and demand. The discussion will look at the Infragistics Expense reference application as a real world example of some of the power and advanced features that are possible with ASP.NET and outside-of-the-box development tools. We will discuss the challenges of delivering a robust interface utilizing HTML and explore some working code to evaluate solutions.

You will not believe you are looking at a user interface in ASP.NET!!!

Infragistics will arrive at the User Group with NetAdvantage 2004 product give-a-ways, special discounts of 20% off of NetAdvantage for user group members, and a developer resource CD that has a full working trial version of NetAdvantage and both the Windows Forms eBook and reference application as well as the ASP.NET reference application mentioned above.

Remember, meetings are free, membership is free, all we ask is that you register for the meetings on the web site so we order enough pizza. The East of Toronto site has some recurring problems with the Register link disappearing so please, if you go to register and it's not there, email me about it and then try again the next day. An accurate attendance count is so important to us. 



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