# Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I got an interesting email today with this subject line: Want to build the next generation of C++ Libraries?

Enclosed was the following, from Martyn Lovell:

Development Lead, Visual C++ Libraries

Want to set the standard for the next generation of C++ application? Ready to design code that will be used and critiqued by the whole developer community? Want to have a direct connection to customers whose problems you understand? Want to build a new generation of libraries for a new language running in modern environments? The Visual C++ Libraries team is the place for you. We own all the library code shipped for C++. We are building new libraries that drive developer productivity and power on the native and managed platforms. Next version we’ll have to understand how our customers are going to work with WinFX and move forward with their existing code. And we’ll have to bring our native and managed libraries up to date to work seamlessly with the technologies of the Longhorn Wave, WinFX and ISV applications like Office 12. We own the full set of C++ Libraries -- C Runtime Library, Standard C++ Library, MFC and ATL. In future releases we’ll also have to address some of the challenges of parallel programming, and migration of existing native applications to managed code. We’re looking for senior individual contributors ready to code, design and provide the next generation of code reuse though leadership at Microsoft. Degree in a relevant subject and five years of software engineering required.

We are anticipating expanding our team for our next version to allow us to build some new MFC and ATL features (such as integration with Avalon, and support for new UI styles). So we’re hoping to find one or two people with deep MFC experience to add to our team. You don’t have to be using MFC today, but we especially want to hear from you if you have written a good amount of MFC code in your past.

If you know Martyn's email address, go ahead and email him and mention you saw it on my blog. If you don't, email me (don't leave a comment) and I will forward it to him.



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