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Four Adults, Five Kids, One Canoe Paddling in Temagami in a 26' Canoe.
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These web pages are for everyone who camps by canoe, especially those who bring their children. What will you find here? Information about equipment: canoes, tents, packs, cooking equipment and all the hundreds of other things you wish you had room for in the pack. Discussion of techniques, packing lists, recipes, destinations, tips and tricks from those who've gone this way before. Ads (they pay for all the rest of it) from mail order houses, equipment manufacturers, outfitters, and magazines. Free classified ads that let our readers reach each other. Stories and trip reports, articles on fun stuff to do while canoe camping that isn't canoeing, and a calendar of upcoming activities. Even a list of links to other canoeing and camping sites on the web. What won't you find? Recreational vehicles, power boats, squirt boats, pack horses, or sled dogs! One site can't cover everything; we're covering canoe camping.

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In order to make this a valuable tool for all canoers, we need to populate this site with lots of information from around the world. We want to serve canoers from around the world. Please help us by giving us information. The more information we get the better we can serve you.


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