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June 25, 2001 A article on bugscreen and sunscreen, and more classifieds.
Jan 4, 2001 A new story, Acticle on kids and canoeing, and more classifieds.
Oct 1,1999 A new story, new technique column on winter camping, and more classifieds.
July 22, 1999 A brand new addition to the Canoe Camper: The Tip Page! Submit a tip, read a tip...gain some knowledge!
July 8, 1999 A new story, and more classifieds. See, more activity, as promised.
July 1, 1999 Happy Canada Day! We have a new author, and three new stories. Welcome Earle Jones. And the classifieds, which have been growing all winter, have been cleaned out. Only the 1999 additions remain.Why all the activity? Our real business is up to eight people, and that means energy for the canoe site again. Hurray!
Sept 3, 1998 Visit the news section to read about the release of the Bill Mason stamp by Canada Post, as well as three other legendary Canadians.

We are also pleased to announce a new author, George Denny, who has contributed to our growing Stories and Articles page. Look for great new stories!
August 7, 1998 We've updated the news section with information on a special exhibition of canoe-related art north of Toronto. We've added some more pictures to the paddling strokes page, too.
July 13, 1998 We've developed a nice diagram technique for paddling strokes. First up: the J stroke, from the front. Watch for more as time goes by.
July 8, 1998 Finally we have our colouring book started. (Yes, we spell it with a U.) We're starting with three images for your kids to print out and colour, or color, while they wait for the next trip. If you don't take your kids into the wilds with you, why not? We do.
June 4, 1998 A new section, Canoeing News, makes its debut. Our first pointer is to the travel diaries of two young men trying to paddle across Canada, Pacific to Atlantic, in a single season. Also we're getting some reader comments on books. We'd love to hear yours!
May 20, 1998 More spring cleaning, this time of the classifieds. Everything over six months old is gone. The Canoe Camping with Kids FAQ has been translated into Dutch.
May 7, 1998 A new recipe, and of course more classifieds.
April 30, 1998 Time to clean out the "what's new" page and start fresh. The site was launched in late 1996, but for a long time it's been sitting unchanged because our real business has had too much work. We've been lucky enough to attract four terrific employees and that means this site is getting some long overdue attention. Check the classifieds, the stories, and the books page for the most recent changes. Watch for a steadier pace of changes and more updates here.

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